Our Solutions

DoWell WorkflowAI

DoWell WorkflowAI recommends process optimisation for your task and manages it based on location and time.

Digital Queue

DoWell Digital Queue helps  automates your online queue for order processing, payment and delivery.

Wifi QR Code

Connects instantly with our WiFi QR code! Say goodbye to passwords and hello to seamless connectivity.

DoWell UX Live

DoWell UX Live collects stories automatically live and analyse them for you without leaving the app.

Social Media Automation

Complete AI assistant to write, design, schedule & post to your social media.

DoWell CX Live

Collects client experiences live from any location specified on a map.

DoWell Living Lab Scales

Living Lab Scales measure quantitative data statistically.

DoWell Logo Scan

DoWell Logo Scan connects clients to you by scanning your logo.

DoWell Legalzard

Measures the compatibility of open-source licenses and how to use it for programming.

Living Lab Maps

DoWell Living Lab Maps helps you customized Google maps for better interactions.

Permutation Calculator

DoWell Permutation Calculator processes permutations and combinations up to 50!.

Live Stream Dashboard

DoWell Live Stream Dashboard helps record meetings on youtube publicly or privately.

Living Lab Chat

Living Lab Chat helps ease communication within your team.

Team Management

Team Management helps HR in recruiting and managing the team.

QR Code Generator

Create bulk QR codes, which activate as a group based on your needs.
Voice of Customers

Voice of Customers

DoWell Voice of Customers helps you collect stories and feedback.

Samanta Campaign

Samanta campaign helps you create and launch impactful campaigns

Dowell Surveys

Dowell Surveys will do surveys in 150000 locations worldwide