DoWell CX Live

Collects client experiences live from any location specified on a map.

Dowell CX Live Features

The LivingLab Scales revolutionizes statistical scale management

Scale Creation and Configuration

Our platform boasts an intuitive interface, simplifying the creation and customization of statistical scales. Users can effortlessly configure NPS, Likert, Staple, Percentage, Percent Sum, Guttman, and other scales.

Data Collection

Collect data seamlessly through surveys, forms, and direct input. Ensure real-time data capture for immediate analysis, providing users with a comprehensive view of responses across different scales.

Scale Analysis

Enjoy comprehensive analytics tools for in-depth interpretation of diverse statistical scales. Comparative analysis enables users to draw meaningful insights by comparing results across different scales.

Living Lab Scales Services

The LivingLab Scales, where intuitive design meets analytical precision.

Collaboration and Sharing

Foster teamwork through collaborative workspaces dedicated to scale creation and analysis. Export and sharing options in various formats facilitate seamless collaboration with stakeholders.

Scalability and Performance

The platform handles large datasets efficiently with optimized performance. Scale resources dynamically to accommodate growing data and user demands, ensuring consistent high performance.

Training and Support

Access comprehensive documentation and tutorials catering to users at all skill levels. Benefit from responsive customer support, addressing queries and issues promptly to enhance the user experience.

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Disclaimer: DoWell CX Live collects client experiences in real-time from any location specified on a map. Users should be aware that this involves the collection of data associated with location-based client feedback. While efforts are made to ensure the accuracy and seamless operation of the service, variations in data collection may occur. The creators of DoWell CX Live do not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the collected client experiences or any potential discrepancies. Users are encouraged to use the tool responsibly and understand that the quality of results may depend on various factors, including user input and network conditions.