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Open source License Compatibility Tracker

Open source license compatibility tracker for programmers.

Samanta Content Evaluator

Samanta Content Evaluator will assess the content, is it generated by AI or Humans.

Website Crawl

Extracting content from website using our advanced web scraping techniques.

World Price Indicator

Calculates based on the  purchasing power of a community.

DoWell Extractor

Extract “contact us” form from any webpage instantly.

Location Specific Search

Search in the web by positioning our server to the selected locations.

Search in UX Living Lab

Marketing Automation using Google Maps.

UX Living Lab Platform

Experience Dowell UX Living Lab Platform.

Link Shorter

Simplify the process of sharing URLs by shortening them

Samanta Campaigns

Experience Samanta Campaigns

Dowell Surveys

Experience Dowell Surveys