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Discover the world with Search in Living Lab Map! Effortlessly explore local businesses by selecting your desired country and city, specifying search keywords and range. Our powerful tool provides comprehensive results, including phone numbers, web addresses, and business hours, with convenient mailing and downloading options. Navigate your surroundings seamlessly with Living Lab Map’s insightful information at your fingertips.


Customized Search

Tailor your exploration by selecting specific countries, cities, and keywords for a personalized search experience.

Range Setting

Refine results by setting distance parameters, ensuring you find businesses within your preferred proximity.

Comprehensive Information

Access detailed business information, including phone numbers, web addresses, and scheduled opening and closing hours.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for various purposes, from discovering local businesses to planning trips and events based on location-specific details.

Download Capability

Conveniently download search results for offline access or future reference, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate effortlessly through LivingLab Map's intuitive interface, designed for a smooth and efficient user experience.

How to use Search in LivingLab Map

  • Choose your preferred country on the Search in LivingLab Map interface.

  •  Specify the city within the selected country where you want to conduct your search.

  • Narrow down your focus by entering relevant search keywords.

  •  Refine your search parameters by setting the desired range.

  • Start the search process to gather comprehensive results based on your specified criteria.

  • Dive into detailed information, including phone numbers, web addresses, and business hours.

  •  Make use of mailing functionality or download the results for offline access or future reference.

Use case scenarios

Business Trip Planning

Local Exploration

Event Venue Selection

Tourist Adventure

Local Services and Resources:

Job Searches


Location-Centric Web Positioning

Customized Search Queries

Real-Time Geographical Data Processing

Responsive User Interaction

Disclaimer: Our use of Google Maps for marketing automation is designed to enhance business visibility. While the information gathered aims to promote your business and refine Google Maps listings, please be aware that location and email data collection is conducted in full compliance with GDPR regulations. The data collected is intended for these specified purposes, ensuring user privacy and legal adherence. Users are encouraged to use the information responsibly, and any concerns regarding data privacy can be addressed through our dedicated support channels.