DoWell’s Contact Us Page Extractor

Welcome to DoWell’s Contact Us Page Extractor – your ultimate solution for effortless “contact us” form management. Instantly extract and download forms from any webpage, enabling seamless offline editing with our downloadable spreadsheets. Effortlessly submit forms at their original locations, simplifying your interaction with online forms. Streamline your processes and enhance productivity with DoWell – making form management a breeze!


Instant and Effortless Extraction

The tool ensures a swift and effortless extraction process, allowing you to retrieve "contact us" forms from any webpage with unparalleled speed and ease.

Downloadable Spreadsheets for Offline Management

Enhance your workflow by downloading the extracted forms as editable spreadsheets, providing a convenient offline platform for comprehensive data management and organization.

Seamless Submission Process

Submit extracted forms effortlessly at their original locations, streamlining your interaction process and saving valuable time in navigating multiple web pages.

Universal Compatibility Across Webpages

Enjoy the versatility of our tool, designed to be compatible with a broad spectrum of webpages, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for diverse online environments.

Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through the tool with ease, thanks to its user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for users of all levels of expertise.

How to use the app

  • From the dropdown menu, choose License 1 and License 2 for comparison.
  • Provide your email address for result notification.

  • Click the “Check” button to initiate the compatibility check between the selected licenses.

  • Download it to your device for offline use or share it via email to a specific email address. Additionally, easily share it on other platforms.
  • Results display the compatibility percentage between selected licenses and provide a recommendation on whether they can be used together in a project.

  • If desired, choose the option to email the compatibility result for future reference or sharing.

Note: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection throughout the process for accurate and timely results.

Use case scenarios

Business Websites Optimization

Government Websites Citizen Engagement

Event Management Platforms Attendee Communication

Comprehensive Services

Rapid Form Extraction Services

Offline Editing and Data Management Assistance

Effortless Form Submission Support

Tailored Customization Options

Disclaimer: The Open Source License Compatibility Tracker is intended to navigate open-source license compatibility. It provides a valuable resource for assessing the compatibility of various licenses within the open-source community. However, we do not assume responsibility for the accuracy of the results. Variations from search engine results may occur. Users are strongly advised to use the information provided by the Open Source License Compatibility Tracker at their own discretion. It is essential to conduct thorough due diligence when making decisions based on the results generated by the tracker.