Living Lab Maps

Introducing UX Living Lab Maps, your ultimate location-based search tool. With it, you can easily find nearby places of interest by specifying your current location, setting the desired range, and selecting keywords. Looking for a school within 2 kilometers? No problem.

But the power doesn’t stop there; you can also zoom in on a specific location, customize your search terms, and get in-depth information. It’s the ideal way to explore your surroundings with precision and convenience, making your search experience seamless and comprehensive.

Living Lab Maps Features

Empower your exploration with UX Living Lab Maps

User Authentication

Implement JWT-based user authentication for enhanced security and personalized features, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Location-based Search

Develop a dynamic endpoint for efficient geospatial searches, allowing users to specify location, range, and keywords.

Customized Search

Create an endpoint for tailored searches, empowering users to apply filters and refine their search experience.

Use case scenarios

Local Exploration

Academic Search

Customized Exploration

Fitness Spot Discovery

Living Lab Maps Services

User Interface

Design an intuitive interface for easy input of location details, parameter settings, and interactive map visualization.

Results Display

Showcase search outcomes on map and list formats, enabling users to click for detailed information.

Detailed Information

Establish an endpoint to provide comprehensive details about selected locations, enhancing user exploration.

Disclaimer: DoWell Living Lab Maps is intended to assist users in customizing Google Maps for improved interactions. While efforts are made to enhance user experience, users should be aware that the effectiveness of customization may vary. The creators of Living Lab Maps do not assume responsibility for the accuracy of customized maps or any potential discrepancies. Users are encouraged to use the tool responsibly, understanding that the quality of results may depend on various factors, including user preferences and Google Maps functionality.